Mikey is an American Boston based recording, touring, freelance and remote drummer who's drummed for acts such as Erin Harpe and The Delta Swingers, the dance rock reggae band Lovewhip, who was featured in an episode of the hit Showtime series Shameless! The Robert Bushinsky Band and Rydylyn Brides (who he now plays the guitar for). Mikey is currently signed with Vizztone Records Label Group as a sub contractor and fill in for their roster of artists. Mikey's playing is very popular in the drumming community, especially his fancy hi-hat rhythms and open-hand stance behind the drum set. Mikey started out as a true lefty drummer, he would set the snare and hi-hat by the right side of the bass drum, while leading with the left hand crossed over the right hand. This led him to the strong development of his weaker side. As time went by, he started noticing that most of the drummers played in a reversed position from his, setting the hi-hat and snare on the left side of the bass drum, while leading with the right hand over the left. Since he preferred that look over the one he add with the lefty drum set, he decided to switch over, which lead him to the development of the right side of his body also. As you may imagine, this resulted in Mikey being able to achieve one of the Holy Grail's of drumming, ambidexterity! At the time, Mikey thought that ambidexterity was something common to every drummer, which as we all know, it’s something that is actually pretty rare. Open-handed playing allows Mikey’s right hand to be a “solo hand” and work around the kit in ways that the standard hand over hand can not achieve. Mikey has been "praised" for his hi hat rhythm pattern work, paired with his off beat bass drum patterns leading double pedals with his left foot. Mikey has also drummed for various other regional and national acts such as, National Product, The Gobshites, Raized In Black, and has toured with acts such as Black 47, J. Geils, Mighty Mighty Bosstonnes, Flatfoot 56, Derek Warfield, The Ramones, B.B. King, Joan Jett, Mountain, Melissa Ethridge, Disturbed, Halestorm, Godsmack, Staind, Machine Head, Candlebox, Matchbox 20, Long Beach Dub Allstars and more! please feel free to check out some of his work here ans more stuff will be uploaded when time is available and he can dig through the archives and make some of the oldies into a digital format!!

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